Debbie Andreski - Master Herbalist Debbie Andreski, owner of Magnetic Herbs and master herbalist specializes in natural and organic solutions to health and wellness.

Debbie Andreski was a nurse for many years (17+) and took care of  a variety of patients with many different diseases; both physical and mental. She is very familiar with pharmaceutical medicine and western medical techniques for treating disorders. After tiring of using pharmaceutical methods for treating patients (and seeing little success), she decided to leave her career as a nurse. She then moved out to the country where she has over 10 acres of land where many herbs grow wildly and naturally. She became more and more interested in the plants available to her, and decided to learn extensively about them and their healing properties. She studied with a naturopathic physician/master herbalist for approximately a year and then obtained her own degree as a master herbalist. 

She now grows and harvests (wild) many herbs right on her own property.  She only sells herbs that are organic, wild harvested without chemicals or purchases those that are grown without chemicals. Her herbs are unique in that they are cured upon powerful 2000 guasse magnets for eight or more weeks. This technique makes them more potent.

Debbie is highly knowledgeable and self-educated in the field of alternative and complementary medicine and natural remedies for many ailments. In her lifetime, she has had the privilege of working with other master herbalists, several naturopathic doctors, psychologists, shamans, chiropractors, and holistic nutritionists.

She is more than happy to take personal calls/emails and will work with a customer to develop an individual approach to discovering the right remedy and to make recommendations for ways to improve overall health!


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