Magnetic Herbs Quality Natural Remedies and Supplements.Magnetic Herbs are organic herbal supplements used for natural remedies in liquid extract form.

For hundreds of years mankind has used natural remedies. In our day it can be difficult to find the way through the many herbal remedies that are available. An “herb” is a part of a plant, or the whole plant used for curative properties. Providing the herbal supplement best for your body by being as close to its original form is our specialty. Our organic liquid herbal extracts are the fastest and longest lasting because they are not diluted and no heat is used in the curing process.

All Magnetic Herbs tinctures are cured while resting upon powerful 2000 gauss magnets, increasing their strength and potency. Our herbs are unique because of this process. All tinctures are cured a minimum of eight weeks to ensure the highest potency.

Herbal Packages contain a combination of several herbs and blends that create a more comprehensive treatment solution.

Tinctures are concentrated herbal preparations where the medicinal qualities of an herb are extracted into a liquid form. Useful in situations where you want to get a good strong dose of herbs into your system.

Herbal Blends are tinctures that contain a combination of several herbs and are labeled with a name that represents the possible benefits of that combination of herbs. The advantage of taking herbs in a tincture form is that they are quickly absorbed into your system and are easy to take.

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Essential Oils (Coming Soon)

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