Are you Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired?

In this day and age, we are inundated with a never-ending array of chemicals which are not very good for us at all. It is in our foods, water, medicines, and even the air we other words..."Almost Everything."
Feeling sick and tired has become a way of life for most. We often justify it by telling ourselves it is our age or fate. Changing one's thoughts about this may save your life from more of the same (i.e., Being  Sick and Tired ) to a life of youthfulness, energy, and strength.   
Most who read these words are well aware of the problems we are facing; but with so much against our well being and healthy lives, it can be hard to know what some of the best solutions are. Let us start with the simplest answer...AWARENESS.
For many thousands of years, "Nature" provided the answers that we seek. If one had an ailment, we as a world used plants to bring us back into "healthy-ness." Not all remedies were wives tales, however. Ask yourself how many people you know that are on some sort of a pharmaceutical drug, artificial sweetener, or genetically modified food. Are these people youthful looking, vivacious, healthy and full of life or energy? " Not so much", is what most observe.
Western medicine has been around long enough to convince us to take another pill. Next thing we know, a handful a day is now common. If being sluggish, sick, and foggy in the mind sounds right to oneself, by all means, keep doing what you are doing. It's working to keep you this way. 
The aware person today knows  that our immune system is compromised in many different ways. The aware also know what to do about it. Cleansing the body properly, adjusting nutrition, and taking the correct herbal supplements can and does restore energy, repair damage to the immune system, and bring back balance to our youthfulness and well being. 
The science of growing younger is called "Youngology". You have a choice in this; you can grow old or grow younger. Many wonderful things have been discovered in the last decade regarding longevity and anti-aging. We are talking about cutting edge science repairing and lengthening the telomeres at the ends of our chromosomes, causing  our youthfulness to return. Do you ever see people who look and feel younger than their age??? Now you know why. The natural herbs do just this; lengthen the telomeres. The chemicals and drugs can shorten them, causing an acceleration of aging and an unhealthy body. 
It is now time to change the way we think. There are some very simple but powerful ways to finally feel better, think faster, and become who you really are...."A happy and healthy person". You will be fun to be around if you are healthy...Yes?
Find someone who is a Master Herbalist. They are our "Doctors" of years past. Find out what is in that box or package of food and what it is doing to you. Ask questions if you want to get answers. Stop ignoring your health because of convenience.
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Debbie Andreski has a 17-year nursing background in the field of medicine and health. Observing the side effects of the drugs in the medical field led her to understand how and why herbal plants are superior in many ways. Debbie has been a Master Herbalist for 7 years helping many people overcome sickness and disease. Educating and healing those who seek a healthier life is important to her.