What are Tinctures?

Tinctures are herbal extracts or liquid herbal extracts. Tinctures are concentrated herbal preparations where the medicinal qualities of an herb are extracted into a liquid form. The most common liquids used for the extraction process of tinctures are a combination of water and grain alcohol and sometimes glycerin. Some tinctures contain a single herb. Other tinctures are a combination of several herbs and are usually labeled with a name that represents the possible benefits of that combination of herbs.

The advantage of taking herbs in a tincture form is that they are quickly absorbed into your system and are easy to take. Tinctures come in small bottles that are convenient for carrying with you wherever you go and since the alcohol has preserved the extract you don't have to do anything to prepare your dosage except count out the drops. Tinctures are very stable; they do not need refrigeration and can hold their potency for three years or longer. Tinctures are concentrated herbal medicines and are very useful in situations where you want to get a good strong dose of herbs into your system such as during times of colds, coughs, etc..